Sex Signals is a key component of the U.S. Army’s I.A.M. Strong Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign and the Secretary of the Army’s effort to eradicate sexual assault. It has been a part of basic training since 2011.

Great Lakes Model

Our multi-program approach at the Great Lakes Naval Base has contributed to a 73 percent reduction in sexual assaults, according to the Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office.


Sex Signals has been presented as a keynote at conferences around the United States, including The United States Army Summit on Sexual Assault Prevention, the SAPRO Marine SARC Conference, and the Department of Defense Task Force on Sexual Violence and Harassment at the Military Service Academies

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Sex Signals: Military

Sex Signals has become one of the most popular and respected sexual assault awareness programs on military installations through its unorthodox, humor-facilitated approach to examining sex, culture, and the core issue of bystander intervention.

Beat the Blame Game: Military

Beat the Blame Game is the powerful reality check that provides you with the tools you need to challenge the corrosive hostility that follows victims when they report.

Got Your Back

This research based program is designed to dismantle the false belief that rape is really just a bad hook-up, as well as differentiate between healthy intimacy and sexual violence.

Dr. Gail Stern

Dr. Stern is a subject matter expert, educator and a curriculum developer with nearly 25 years of experience in violence prevention education and advocacy. She is the co-founder of Catharsis Productions and co-author of Sex Signals.

The Armed Force of Awesome Institute

This intensive training will enable participants to identify strengths and weaknesses in presentation content and delivery, emphasizing an understanding of why audiences blame victims; how to best break down audience resistance to the subject matter; and identify methods of creating positive rapport with specific audiences. Presented by Gail Stern, Ph.D., and Heather Imrie, M.Ed.


Created and Presented by Gail Stern, Ph.D.

Sex Signals has been a part of basic training since 2011.