"Catharsis Productions also provides innovative lectures, program consultation and training programs that support the Catharsis Productions mission of reducing gender-based violence and empowering communities to create cultures that challenge corrosive gender and racial norms. Programs include engaging keynote lectures, small group workshops, and multi-session institutes that focus on improving the teaching and curriculum-design abilities of violence prevention advocates.

While these programs are not explicitly “theatrical”, they are all high-energy  presentations, employing humor, audience engagement, and a dynamic style that inspire audiences. Each is also research-driven and aligned with best practices: our presenters and teachers bring extensive practical and academic experience to all of the work we do. Our programs have both style and substance.

Gail Stern - Cheif Academic Officer

Heather Imrie - Director of Program Development

Consulting, Education, and Training (CET) programs have been presented at over 25 international conferences and symposiums and at military installations and colleges around the world. Dr. Gail Stern has keynoted or provided workshops for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Conferences hosted by the United States Army, United States Navy, United States National Guard, United States Air Force, and United States Marine Corps. She has also provided workshops for leadership at several Naval and Air Force Commands. In addition, she has keynoted at several state sexual assault advocacy conferences as well as keynoting for the End Violence Against Women International (EVAW) Annual Conference in 2011 and 2012.Heather J. Imrie, M.Ed., has keynoted, developed curriculum, and provided workshops for military, advocacy and collegiate audiences on the topics of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, hate crime and systems of oppression. Her audiences include the CALCASA Technical Institute Conference for OVW Campus Grants Program, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault Annual Conference, United States Navy, United States Air Force, and the Wisconsin National Guard. Both Gail and Heather will be presenting at the 2012 National Sexual Assault Conference in Chicago, Illinois."

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