What is YES, PLEASE!

YES, PLEASE!: an evening of creative performances about consent and community” is a social movement and an awareness raising campaign to incite positivity and celebration around the issues and practices of enthusiastic consent. We believe that consent is to permit, approve, or agree. It is the presence of a yes, not an absence of a no. We believe consent can and should active, voluntary, sober, respectful, on-going, enthusiastic, creative, wanted, informed, mutual, honest, and verbal. We believe that an integral component of consent is the reciprocated respect of the answer given.

We also know that we live in a society where people don’t always like to talk about sex, so we might not know exactly how to give and receive consent. Thus we seek to educate and continue to learn different and creative ways to commit ourselves to this on-going practice. In addition, YES, PLEASE! also serves to highlight and reflect on the work of active bystanders; those willing to take a stand to prevent interpersonal violence and foster a healthy culture of respect. YES, PLEASE! is a space for intentional dialogue and conversation to reframe problematic dominant views of sex and consent.

The next YES, PLEASE! event is set for
April 24th at 7pm at School of the Art Institute