CATHARSIS PRODUCTIONSí MISSION is to reduce interpersonal violence by producing artistically innovative and researched-supported programming that challenges oppressive attitudes, transforms behavior, and inspires communities to create a world without violence. We educate audiences on challenging social issues in unexpected ways. Our programs encourage genuine dialogue, using humor, audience interaction, and dynamic theatrical media to overcome the traditional defensiveness and preconceptions about these issues. We look to engage students in tough conversations about interpersonal violence, in particular on the topics of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and oppression. We challenge mainstream beliefs and myths, enabling individuals to challenge their positions of power and privilege, question the cultural values they take for granted, and to hold themselves accountable for their actions. It is our hope that views and behaviors can be changed once audiences become attuned to their moral responsibilities in their interpersonal and public domains, and that the seeds of long-term change may be planted as a result of our efforts.

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