"Catharsis Productions offers specialized versions of SEXSIGNALS for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. After consulting with representatives from these branches of service, each version reflects the military jargon, customs, and courtesies of that particular branch. Each program also incorporates the core values of the specific military branch, and utilizes these principles to empower military personnel to be allies in sexual assault prevention.

Catharsis Productions is proud to partner with the United States Army and the Office on Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) in their training efforts. SEXSIGNALS has been incorporated into the U.S. Army’s I.A.M. Strong Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign rolled out by the SAPR G-1 Office in September of 2008 and is a key component in the Secretary of the Army’s effort to eradicate sexual assault from its ranks.

Since October 2008, SEXSIGNALS has been presented almost 1000 times to U.S. soldiers around the world. And in March 2011, SEXSIGNALS was incorporated into the three-hour sexual assault prevention block of instruction received by every soldier during their Basic Training!

Catharsis Productions has also coordinated international tours to Air Force, Navy and Marine Installations and collaborated with the SAPRO Offices of each branch.

Other military programsSince November of 2008, Catharsis Productions is proud to have presented over 1000 SEXSIGNALS trainings to Soldier populations around the world through the support of the Department of Army G-1 SHARP Office (Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention) and its “I.A.M. Strong” campaign to eradicate sexual assault from its ranks.  In addition, in 2010, SEXSIGNALS was integrated into Basic Training and the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC-B) and is now received by all incoming Soldiers as part of their curriculum.

In the summer of 2010, additional versions of SEXSIGNALS were developed and delivered to two separate Army-related audiences stationed in Germany:  Department of Army Civilians and adult family members of U.S. Army Soldiers.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, Catharsis Productions has entered into a contract with Great Lakes Naval Station- Training Support Center to provide several programs that address sexual violence. SEXSIGNALS is presented to A School Sailors as part of the sexual assault prevention training.  As a follow-up, Sailors receive “Got Your Back,” a small group workshop that uses facilitated dialogue to further explore the issues  of sexual assault, predator profiling, and bystander intervention strategies.

In collaboration with Dr. Chris Kilmartin, Catharsis Productions was commissioned to write “Amateur Night,” a short video that addresses the Army’s intolerance of sexual harassment within its ranks.  Catharsis co-produced the film and it is now shown at U.S. Army posts around the world.

Through our Consulting, Education, and Training Division, our trainers have provided training and consultation at several military installations throughout the world.  Director of CET, Dr. Gail Stern, has  served as a plenary speaker at many military leadership conferences, and has consulted on sexual assault prevention curriculum development with the United States Naval Academy and United States Air Force."

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