Oh, Valentine’s Day!

It's that beautiful time when we celebrate sex positivity, our relationships with our bodies, and the amazing communication we foster with relationships of every kind when we – wait, is that not what your V-Days look like? 


Lucky for you, we’re here to change everything. BYE single sadness. BYE consumer-driven madness. HELLO consensual valentines, the perfect way to let everyone in your life know that above everything else, you value their inherent worth and bodily autonomy. What is sexier than that?

Send them to your buddy, your sibling, your GF, your SO, your pet, your crush, your boss (maybe take a sec and reflect on that relationship first though just to be sure) and spread the consensual love across the Valensphere. Happy communicating!


1. For the tattoo lover in your life:

2. For the kid at heart: 

3. Got wood?

4. For your sweet tooth: 

5. When things get hot and heavy:


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