9 Ways to Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

Asking someone to be your valentine can be a bit daunting. Lucky for you, we’ve found some ways to ask that include all the cheesiness of a Hallmark card AND all the respect that your potential valentine deserves.  

Send these to your best friend, your crush, your partner… Just remember, no matter who you ask, respect is the best present you can give on Valentine’s Day (and every day).  

Woo ‘em with a classic rhyme: 
ImageFlowers optional. Consent mandatory.  

Send a simple note: 
ImageOpen dialogues 4ever <3

Pair your question with a sweet treat! 
ImageBecause food is the way to everyone’s heart. Page Break

Espresso how you feel with some puns!
ImageAh yes, the brew-ty of quali-tea puns!

Try a cheesy pickup line.
ImageWe know coming with some pickup lines can be a real pizza work, so if you need some, watch us drop some of our cheesiest ones here.  

Even if things get hot & heavy, ask first!  
ImageWhat’s sexier than giving your partner the respect they deserve?

Or go with the classic, cute teddy bear!
ImageIs this not un-bear-ably cute?  

Try a new and improved candy heart.  
ImageBecause “conversation hearts” should involve a response, not just a demand.

 Bring out your inner poet!
ImageAnd this is 140-character friendly!

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