Majority of U.S. flight attendants have been sexually harassed, survey finds, Newsweek | May 12, 2018 

Why Men Need to Stop Relying on Non-Verbal Consent, According to a Neuroscientist, Time | May 12, 2018 

Tarana Burke Is Launching a Social Platform, Teen Vogue | May 12, 2018 

Most companies have done nothing to fight sexual harassment in #MeToo era, study finds, The Telegraph | May 14, 2018 

Uber Eliminates Forced Arbitration for Sexual Misconduct Claims, New York Times | May 15, 2018 

Cannes Film Festival Promises Greater Gender Equality After Times Up Activism, Huffington Post | May 14, 2018 

Larry Nassar Victims To Receive $500 Million In Michigan State Settlement, Huffington Post | May 16, 2018 

Joe Biden Says ‘Fear Is No Excuse’ for Not Confronting Peers About Sexual Assault, AdWeek. | May 16, 2017 

The Push For Gender Equality In Sport Is Building Momentum, Olympic | May 16,2017

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