‘Without getting blamed or silenced,’ female Marriott employees urge executives to address sexual harassment, Washington Post | May 4, 2018 

Motion Picture Academy Expels Bill Cosby And Roman Polanski, NPR | May 4, 2018 

Junot Diaz Withdraws From Writers Festival After Claims of Sexual Misconduct, Vanity Fair | May 5, 2018 

Nike’s C.E.O. Vows Changes After Claims of Workplace Harassment and Bias, New York Times | May 5, 2018 

New law requires all NY employers to have policies to prevent sexual harassment, Newsday | May 6, 2018 

A High School Student Reportedly Sexually Harassed His Classmate, So She Stabbed Him With Scissors, Teen Vogue | May 6, 2018 

Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse, New Yorker | May 7, 2018 

The biggest #MeToo betrayal yet: why the Eric Schneiderman allegations are so chilling, Vox | May 8, 2018 

These Women Left Politics Because Of Harassment. Here’s What They’re Doing Now To Combat It, Chatelaine |May 8, 2018 

Sex without consent is rape. Courts around the world must catch up, The Guardian | May 8, 2018

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