No one knows the economic cost of sexual harassment. These senators want to find out., Vox | June 9, 2018 

This High School Valedictorian’s Mic Was Cut Off When She Tried To Speak About Sexual Assault, Time | June 10, 2018 

Actors’ Union Signs Agreement to Eliminate ‘Casting Couch’, Huffington Post | June 11, 2018 

‘Speak’ Author Laurie Halse Anderson Is Writing A Memoir About Sexual Assault, Bustle | June 11, 2018 

#MeToo Has ‘Tripled’ Web Traffic For the Federal Agency That Investigates Harassment, TIME | June 12, 2018 

Feds Probing USC Gynecologist George Tyndall’s Alleged Sexual Abuse, Huffington Post | June 12, 2018 

Rape Jokes: watch Cameron Esposito’s standup special about sexual assault, BoingBoing | June 12, 2018 

DoD Recognizes Exceptional Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, U.S. Department of Defense| June 13, 2018 

Jamie Foxx Emphatically Denies ‘Absurd’ Allegation of Inappropriate Behavior from 2002, People | June 14, 2018 

For the first time, a black woman is elected mayor of San Francisco, CNN | June 14, 2018

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