‘Scandal’ Tackled Sexual Harassment In The Workplace & It’s A Clear Nod To The #MeToo Movement, Romper | March 17, 2018 

An Alaska Airlines pilot said a captain drugged and raped her. He still works for the airline., The Washington Post | March 17, 2018 

Sandra Bundy, Whose Landmark Case Changed Sexual Harassment Laws, Gets Film Treatment, The Muse | March 17, 2018

Bill Cosby Will Face 5 More Accusers at Retrial for Sexual Assault, Vogue | March 17, 2018 

Women in medicine shout #MeToo about sexual harassment at work, The Washington Post | March 18, 2018 

Weinstein Co. files for bankruptcy in wake of sexual misconduct scandal, CBS | March 19, 2018 

As Ukraine’s Rape Epidemic Goes Largely Ignored, Survivors Plead for Help, Broadly | March 21, 2018 

France Proposes On-the-Spot Fines of Up to $920 for Public Sexual Harassment,TIME | March 21, 2018

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