It’s so easy to get sucked into thinking that romantic relationships are the only ones that matter on Valentine’s Day. Here are five tips to help you celebrate all your communities on this lovely day:

  1. Community starts with you. Communities are made up of individuals. YOU are an individual! Practice self-care by taking yourself out to dinner, ordering in your favorite from GrubHub, taking a bubble bath, or making yourself a valentine. Whatever you enjoy, carve out the time to appreciate your awesome self this week.
  2. Ignore the myth of single sadness. Unlike Cosmo would have you believe, being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about anger and sadness. Being single can be awesome precisely because you are free to spend the evening with friends. Valentine’s Day can be about much more than society’s expectations of “taken” = happy vs. single = sad. Spending Valentine’s Day with some close friends is a CHOICE you make to surround yourself with relationships that matter to you.
  3. Celebrate all relationships. Speaking of those relationships that matter to you – there are so many of them! Your relationship with yourself, with your family, with your friends, mentors, co-workers, lovers, and partners all deserve to be celebrated! Make a grand gesture of hand-crafting cute DIY valentines or go smaller by sending out a mass text message expressing your love and appreciation. Whatever method you choose, remember that all our relationships help make us who we are – a vibrant member of many different communities.
  4. Support your local economy. This holiday can bring with it a push to spend a lot of money. First of all, your love does
    not need to cost a thing – HUGS ARE FREE. However, if your budget allows and you feel up to it, try shopping local this week. Our choices as consumers matter. Celebrate your community by supporting it financially.
  5. Pay attention. Celebrate the people in your life by watching out for them. Your partner seems hesitant about going out to that romantic meal? Check in about their feelings! Your friend texts you that her V-Day blind date is a creeper? Give her a call and help her out! Check-in, listen, and be there for your friends. That’s what community is all about.

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photo credit: 3_Puppies via photopin (license)

Abbey Fox