On September 22 of last year, Betsy DeVos rescinded Obama-era guidance and announced that the Department of Education would be issuing binding regulations on Title IX.

A draft of these new rules got released and the Education Department claims that this proposal would help colleges and universities save hundreds of millions of dollars. The problem is that this money-saving plan will be the result of lowering the bar for when colleges must conduct sexual-assault or sexual-harassment investigations under Title IX. Basically, DeVos is saying that if campus administrators were conducting fewer investigations, colleges wouldn’t have to spend as much money on them.

This plan poses a major threat to survivors of sexual violence as the definition of sexual harassment and violence may become narrower in college campuses. Additionally, schools would only be responsible for “formal” complaints, which would be the ones “made to an official who has the authority to institute corrective measures,” not someone like a resident adviser. All these limitations would discourage students from coming forward and it is not helping eradicate the actual problem: People who perpetrate sexual violence.

In light of all this, the organization Know Your IX, started a Twitter campaign asking survivors to share the cost of sexual violence in their lives by using #WhatViolenceCostMe. Here are some of the powerful tweets:

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