U Got This! redefines how students engage with bystander online training. We’ve partnered with Jellyvision, the online software development company best known for creating the You Don’t Know Jack games, and infused our signature tone and humor with their technology.The program’s Interactive Conversation software responds to the way the user engages with it. If a user gives a snarky answer to a question posed, they’ll get a snappy response.


How can we help create a safer, more supportive campus community within a large, spread-out population? By meeting your students where they are. U Got This! is delivered through three 10-20 minute online training modules and is accessible on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Engaging with our short, dynamic training modules at different intervals over a period of time will help to optimize learning retention and encourage your students to incorporate intervention values into their day-to-day lives.

Tracking it for You

That “Compliance” word…We’d love all colleges to host powerful prevention programs not because they have to, but because it’s the right thing to do. Nonetheless, we realize that many schools need to ensure that their entire population receives valuable lessons in how to build a respectful environment. We provide the opportunity to track your students’ completion of training modules for school compliance needs and provide valuable insight into how your students interacted with the material—which may help inform what additional programs would be of value to your community. Parts of the training are even customizable to include your university’s Title IX policies or logo. 

This online bystander training is Campus SaVE & Title IX Compliant.

The Takeaway

U Got This! is your guide for speaking up, stepping in, and creating a better campus for all. This customizable program:


Incorporates Campus SaVE and Title IX prevention mandates into easily absorbed learning objectives and confronts attitudes that contribute to a cultural tolerance of sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking


Explores intervention needs among a diverse set of circumstances, populations, and identities


Provides tools and simulated scenarios for individuals to engage in bystander intervention to build a safer campus community


Administers, tracks, and reports on the completion of training by users

  • “We utilized the U Got This! online training for our incoming students. It was easy for us to implement and our students responded very positively to the training. It was great to hear how many of our students are ready to be an upstander and work to create a safe campus community for all.”
    Valerie Vargas, Wellness Coordinator at UW Whitewater
  • “Our first year students have found the training fun, interactive and entertaining without being too time consuming. The big plus was having the training split into three modules.   Our staff has been very happy with the open lines of communication with Catharsis Productions.   The programming set up was quick and allowed us to meet our release date.”
    Deborah Campbell, Title IX Investigator/Education Specialist - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Arizona Campus

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