"SEXSIGNALS has become one of the most popular programs on sexual assault awareness among college and military audiences, personnel, and educators. It differs from traditional sexual assault prevention programs in that it incorporates improvisation, humor, education, and audience interaction to provide a provocative look at dating, sex, and the core issue of consent.

Through improvisation and audience interaction, the play explores how social pressures, gender stereotypes, unrealistic fantasies, and false preconceptions all contribute to the tensions often found in dating. Then, through a semi-improvisational scene, the presenters demonstrate how these, and other factors can lead to sexual assault. The scene enables audiences to recognize the true nature of rape, and to place full responsibility with the rapist, however much they may like him. Furthermore, SEXSIGNALS challenges audiences who have mislabeled coercive behavior as seduction, and to reexamine a culture that too often holds victims of rape responsible for their own vulnerability.

Importantly, the play closes on an empowering note, encouraging the audience to both provide solutions for creating safer and healthier interpersonal sexual relationships, and brainstorm how they could positively intervene as bystanders when they witness a friend or stranger in a vulnerable situation that could lead to sexual violence.

Ultimately, SEXSIGNALS creates the kind of critical dialogue necessary to dissolve enduring rape myths and encourage thoughtful, accountable, intimate behavior. The program reaches out to students who have mislabeled coercion as consent, with the hope that once they realize the brutal impact of rape, that they will change their behavior.

Catharsis Productions is updating SEXSIGNALS to continually reflect the latest sexual assault prevention research as well as cultural norms and pop culture sexual assault prevention research as well as cultural norms and pop culture references. In addition, the standard edition of SEXSIGNALS has been customized for each of the following groups of audiences: GREEK LIFE (Fraternities and Sororities), MORE PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL INSTITUTIONS ,CONSERVATIVE INSTITUTIONS, HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ARMY PERSONNEL, NAVY PERSONNEL, AIR FORCE PERSONNEL"

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