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In the News: Week of August 24 – 31

August 31, 2017

Calif. School District to Spend $200K More on Title IX Investigations, Campus Safety Magazine | August 25, 2017


Orchestra Shuts Down After Telling Singers They Should Be ‘Fit & Slim’ To Perform, Huffington Post | August 25, 2017


A Massachusetts Teen Is Suing Her School After She Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted By Two Classmates, BuzzFeed News | August 25, 2017


France’s Gender Equality Minister Wants On-The-Spot Fines For Sexual Harassers, NPR | August 26, 2017


What Is The Red Zone? These 6 Weeks Are The Most Dangerous Time For Campus Sexual Assault, Bustle | August 26, 2017


ACLU sues Trump over transgender ban, The Hill | August 28, 2017


Why it’s harder for African American women to report campus sexual assaults, even at mostly black schools, LA Times | August 28, 2017


Runner confronts man who says her outfit is an ‘invitation to rape, New York Post | August 29, 2017

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