How a theater group reinvented sexual assault prevention

Catharsis [Productions] finds itself in a curious position, as one of the few organizations out there prepared to convert anger over ongoing sexual-abuse headlines into meaningful cultural change.

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Fixing What’s Not Funny: Creating Safe Spaces In Theater And Improv

Host Frank Stasio talks with featured speaker Gail Stern, co-founder of Catharsis Productions, about the foundations of rape culture and the subversive power of humor.

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Soldiers, civilians get interactive lesson in assault prevention

Soldiers and civilians attended "Beat the Blame Game,"a Catharsis Productions program, as part of Wiesbaden SHARP's Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month training.

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Sexual assault in the military is more than a political problem

Chicago-Based Catharsis Productions (CP) is a provider, and poignant example of, the evolved prevention-focused sexual assault prevention training the Department of Defense is utilizing which is reaching our troops early in their training life-cycle-- and it's working.

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Interview - "On The Story With Monica Hill"

With sexual assault being prominently in the headlines Dr. Gail Stern emphasizes the importance of preventive education and consent with Erica Hill.

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How To Deal With Sexual Harassment On The Job

When you encounter sexual harassment and offensive comments at work, what should you do? NPR's Scott Simon asks Dr. Gail Stern about how to respond when you you're in a difficult situation.

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Lessons in the Delicate Art of Confronting Offensive Speech

Dr. Gail Stern explains how you can use humor when confronting offensive speech.

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Consent on Campus: A 'Nightline' Event

Dr. Gail Stern and Sex Signals were part of an open forum “Nightline” hosted at Penn State University with college students and a panel of experts and activists to examine college sexual assault and consent on campus.

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Teaching Sexual-Assault Prevention Through Comedy

Sex Signals' improv show focusing on bystander intervention has seen success on college campuses—and is now being adopted by the military as well.

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Comedy in Chicago: The Canary in the Coal Mine

Catharsis Productions tailored a special workshop to address sexual harassment in the Chicago comedy community using an approach improvisers and standup comedians are well versed in: humor.

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2015 Campus Activities Magazine Speaker of the Year

Sex Signals was named Campus Activities Magazine's Speaker of the Year in 2015.

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colleges say yes to affirmative consent

Why schools are mandating attendance for incoming students at a wide array of awareness workshops, such as Sex Signals.

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Webinar on False Reporting

Trying to Move the Elphant in the Living Room. Presented by Dr. Kim Lonsway of EVAW. Hosted by Catharsis Productions.

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RVA Celebrates 40 Years

Catharsis Productions is a proud supporter of Rape Victim Advocates, which celebrated 40 years of supporting survivors and working to create a society that does not tolerate sexual violence.

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Social Justice Stand-Up Highlights

We sponsor a night of comedy featuring our own Dr. Gail Stern and other Chicago comedians. The purpose is to use humor to bring awareness and start a conversation about this important issue.

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Webinar on Sexual Harassment

Hear what Dr Kilmartin has to say about sexual harassment and how to prevent it. Hosted by Catharsis Productions.

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