COVID-19 takes us online

Specifically for this time, Catharsis Productions has created a Live Web version of The Hook Up. Click here to see a two minute preview.

Or watch the webinar, where we explain how we took our Live program to the Web: The Hook Up Goes Virtual

Going Beyond "No" Means "No"

Given our passion to free the world of oppressive behaviors, we know a bland PowerPoint isn’t going to cut it. The Hook Up, designed as a stand-alone program or as an effective follow-up to Sex Signals, is an engaging audience-participation program led by trained educators who speak “student.” It’s an unflinching, fun, and transformational approach to a hot-button topic on virtually every campus.

From Research to Results

We’re myth busters on an important mission of truth—to blast the notion that rape is just a regrettable hook up. We are doing this to provide a baseline for what great intimacy looks like, and empower bystanders to become “upstanders” and intervene. Our program leverages research by Dr. Alan Berkowitz, which was based on initial findings by Darley and Latané.

The Takeaway

Now is the time to have an honest, impactful conversation punctuated by laughter instead of snickering. This program is designed to:


Connect the dots between sexist language, stereotypes, and hooking up


Clarify the real differences between a healthy sexual encounter, a regretted one, and rape


Empower students to be change agents, intervene as bystanders, and shift the culture to shut down sex offenders and hold them accountable

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