Let’s face it. Ugly behavior abounds. On college campuses. Military bases. In the workplace. Yet, it’s hard enough to even acknowledge just how much people are perpetrating acts of sexual assault, harassment, racial discrimination, or violence—let alone have an honest, constructive dialogue about these issues.

We bring a profound passion to starting these important conversations and do it in a very unexpected way. Our engaging programs get students, military personnel and employees talking, sharing, and yes, even laughing about the behaviors, stereotypes and cultural attitudes that contribute to these social issues.

Our approach is fully supported by research in education, psychology and cognition and led by trained educators who also happen to be dynamic, charismatic speakers. It all boils down to a proven, simple truth: laughter and honesty have the power to initiate change. Only when defenses are lowered, are people truly able to reflect on behaviors and beliefs, and begin a positive transformation.

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Our Mission

To change the world by producing innovative, accessible and 
research-supported programming that challenges oppressive attitudes and shifts behavior.

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Humor and Relatability

Our History

From the start, we’ve known that to challenge and eventually transform mainstream attitudes and beliefs about oppressive behaviors, we’d have to swim upstream. Creating a world free of violence won’t happen overnight, but we keep moving forward and evolving with unshakeable passion and pride. And a sense of humor, of course.

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Meet Our Team

We're a tight-knit group that love what we do. Our diverse group of engaging, passionate staff are working to challenge oppressive attitudes and transform behaviors.

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