Creating a no-judgment zone in which people can comfortably take a deep dive into toxic thoughts and behaviors they might have.


We offer fresh insights and perspectives to social justice issues in a way that resonates with both passionate educators and recalcitrant audiences alike.


We leverage our 25 years of campus-based advocacy experience and over 40 years worth of program development and delivery.

Real Results

After seeing a Catharsis Productions presentation

  • Pie Chart showing 85%


    of respondents say that if they hear someone at work making inappropriate sexual comments to someone else, they will say or do something about it –Survey Result, Got Your Back, 2014

  • About ~95%


    of respondents commented that they felt more confident in their understanding of “consent” following the presentation –Survey Result, Sex Signals. January 2015

  • About ~95%


    of respondents felt that the presentation provided them some intervention tools that they could employ while at BCT –Survey Result, Sex Signals, January 2015

  • About ~95%


    of participants agreed the scenarios were more applicable to AIT than most of the sexual assault training they had previously received –Survey Result, Platoon Sergeant School Pilot