Education that provides your faculty and staff with the ability to recognize and challenge sexual assault, harassment, and oppression.


Reducing interpersonal violence through creative, dynamic presentations and messaging designed for college and military audiences.


Guidance for leadership to create a positive office culture that is welcoming and respectful where employees understand their job and are set up to thrive.

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Compliance in a click – online

Compliance in a Click is our new sexual harassment online training to help your staff create a more equitable and respectful company culture wherever they work.

Please Advise – Corporate

Positively change office culture to reduce harassment


This intensive training will enable participants to identify strengths and weaknesses in presentation content and delivery, emphasizing an understanding of why audiences blame victims; how to best break down audience resistance to the subject matter; and identify methods of creating positive rapport with specific audiences. Presented by Gail Stern, Ph.D., and Heather Imrie, M.Ed.

The Canary in the Coal Mine

Created and Presented by Gail Stern, Ph.D.

“Catharsis Productions has over 40 years of expertise in program development and delivering research- and experience-driven content.”