As Honest as It Gets

Unfortunately, military personnel are not immune from buying into victim-blaming perceptions. How do we shift the responsibility back onto the perpetrators where it belongs? We play back the most common reasons why people blame the victim and support perpetrators and then dismantle those arguments through an application of myth-busting logic and military core values. This provocative presentation can stand alone—but it’s also a great companion piece to Sex Signals.

The Research Behind the Reality

Why do we have such an unswerving commitment to ending victim blaming? To help reduce incidents of sexual violence and coercion. Research strongly links intervention during an incident to bystanders understanding that what they are witnessing is indeed problematic. The program utilizes real cases to illustrate how all of us are vulnerable to blaming the victim, and shares ways of challenging ourselves, and others, when we lose our way.

The Takeaway

We are determined to kick the Blame Game to the curb. How about you? This program is designed to:


Help audiences recognize and reduce victim blaming in themselves and others


Change the culture to one that holds perpetrators accountable


Increase the likelihood of bystander intervention


Actively involve everyone in the work of cultural change

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