Going Beyond "No" Means "No"

Given the pervasiveness of hooking up and all the myths surrounding it, we knew a dry, lecture-like presentation wasn’t going to cut it. Got Your Back, designed as a stand-alone program or as an effective follow-up to Sex Signals, is an engaging audience-participation-driven program led by trained educators who speak “military.” It’s a no-holds-barred, explicit, and actionable program that empowers audiences to identify key differences between good hook ups, bad hook ups, and rape.

Rooted in Research

We’re myth-busters on an important mission of truth—to blast the notion that rape is just a regrettable hook up. We are doing this to provide a baseline for what great intimacy looks like and empower bystanders to become “upstanders” and intervene. Our program draws from intervention research by clinical psychologist and forensic consultant, Dr. David Lisak. It also leverages research by Dr. Alan Berkowitz, which was based on initial findings by Darley and Latané.

A Common Enemy

The hook-up culture is now a part of our social landscape, and as such, exists on military installations, too. Unfortunately, this culture can camouflage the behaviors of sexual predators, making it difficult for good people to intervene and leaving victims to deal with the aftermath. This program helps reveal the strategies of those bad actors, and helps the men and women of the military fight another enemy: the serial predator.

The Takeaway

This program is designed to:


Connect the dots between sexist language, stereotypes, and hooking up


Clarify the differences between a healthy sexual encounter, an unhealthy one, and rape


Contrast sexually aggressive and dangerous behaviors vs. healthy sexual behaviors


Empower military personnel to be change agents, intervene as bystanders, and shift the military culture to help shut down sex offenders and support victims

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