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Getting your Hands Dirty

This four-day intensive training will enable participants to identify strengths and weaknesses in presentation content and delivery, emphasizing an understanding of why audiences blame victims; how to best break down audience resistance to the subject matter; and identify methods of creating positive rapport with specific audiences. In addition, this training program will provide participants with the framework necessary to design effective presentations that enable audiences to put their shifts in attitude into powerful practice.

Why train the trainers?

The recent attention sexual violence in the military has received has prompted military educators and leadership to rethink their current training approach to both reduce incidents and systematically engage in a cultural change with regard to these issues. This provides a remarkable opportunity for each branch of the military to build a cadre of qualified trainers, who can design and deliver content-rich programs that transform their communities. This will not be possible, however, without prioritizing the cultivation of innovative program development and investing in the training of the trainers who deliver it.

Mission: Not Impossible

Very few violence prevention educators come into their advocacy role with experience in learning theory, education, or curriculum development. Without critical training and coaching, they will be discouraged to make critical changes in curriculum and programmatic approach, ensuring an ongoing cycle of poor program delivery. Let FOAI help change the status quo.

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Our Programs

Innovative prevention education programming for civilian and military audiences.

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