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It's an Interactive Dialogue, Not Press "Play" and Walk Away

U Got This! reimagines how students engage with Title IX training. We’ve infused our signature tone and humor to create an experience where students converse with their program host on a continual basis. The program’s interactive conversational approach reflects the way the student engages with it. If a student gives a snarky answer to a question posed, they’ll get a snarky response. The program uniquely adjusts to each student. With other Title IX programs, the learner can simply hit “play” and disengage while the program plays on.

Our Place or Yours

We understand that providing a Title IX training program requires maximum flexibility. We are glad to host U Got This! Program for you, or we can provide it as a SCORM package so that it can be hosted on your school’s LMS – the choice is yours.

Get in Touch

Ready to drive cultural change?

Contact us to learn more about U Got This!, request a free demo, or book a training.

But Wait, There's More! U Got This!

  • 508/WCAG compliant

  • Accessible via computer or mobile device

  • Will be customized with your campus policies, definitions, and resources

  • Tracks student completion

  • Incorporates Title IX prevention mandates

  • Explores intervention needs among a diverse set of circumstances, populations, and identities

  • Research-informed in terms of both content and pedagogical approach

  • Trauma-informed to be both appropriate and supportive to survivors

  • Compatible with SCORM, SSO, SAML, and LDAP Packaging.

Drive positive outcomes through our progressive curriculum designed to engage.

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