The Web Series

Catharsis Productions is proud to present to you our new Web Series, a subscription to keep you up to date and up to speed on how to create a respectful workplace culture. Subscribes get access to trainings, white papers, and legal updates that will help HR Professionals and Managers create inclusive environments where staffers thrive. 

On the Agenda

The 2020 package includes

  • A bi-annual law review brought to you by Barnes and Thornburg
  • A diverse set of trainings to help you create an inclusive and respectful culture – see in more detail below
  • White papers on topics such as intergenerational communication, assessing humor in the office and,  creating inclusive holidays in the office.  

The Trainings

  • Trans 101 – A training that helps you create inclusive environments for folks of all genders in your workspaces. Lead by Jess Clark. 
  • Work/Life Imbalance: Navigating Domestic Violence in the workplace – Helps folks understand what domestic violence is, why It is a work place issue, how to help your staffers who are experiencing it and what policies and protocols you should have in place to lessen harm and increase safety and respect for your whole staff. Lead by Racine Amos.
  • Becoming conscious: combating unconscious bias in the workplace – Unconscious bias affects all areas of our working life. Hiring, job assignments, socializing area all affected Learn to recognize when this is happening and what to do about it! Lead by Angela Exson
  • That joke isn’t funny anymore (and honestly never was) – This training assesses humor in the workplace. When it’s funny and when it’s not. Lead by Dr Gail Stern.
  • Breaking the box of toxic masculinity in our work place – What is toxic masculinity and how does it impact the workplace? Learn how we can improve workplace culture by breaking through toxic masculinity. Lead by Ben Murrie & Heather Imrie. 

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