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  • White Paper: How to Coach Trainers to Change the World

    An overview of what we do, why we do it that way, and some coaching ideas for when you train others in your prevention programming.

  • White Paper: What's in a Name

    The importance of language in sexual violence and harassment training environment.

  • Brief: Hear It From Your Students

    We asked students for feedback on our prevention programs and here's what they had to say about them.

  • White Paper: Implementing Harassment Training

    This paper not only discusses what and why HR professionals are looking for in sexual harassment training but also how to close the gap between standard harassment training and creating a truly respectful workplace.

  • White Paper: Why They Fight The Facts

    As prevention educators, we are very familiar with the pushback that we receive in our trainings. Our latest white paper discusses what we are up against and how to break through those barriers to create successful prevention programming.