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Safety and respect are non-negotiable values in the military. At Catharsis Productions, we offer engaging in-person and online courses, programs, and training about sexual harassment and assault prevention for the military. 

Our goal is clear: to empower our military members with the tools they need to stay safe and foster a culture of respect.  

How Does the Military Address Sexual Harassment and Assault? 

Service members, leaders, and the entire community must work together to create a safe environment. Here’s how the military tackles issues regarding sexual harassment and assault: 

Reporting Mechanisms 

  • Chain of Command: Service members can report incidents of sexual harassment or assault to their immediate superiors or higher-ranking officers. Your leadership is there to support you and take appropriate action. 
  • Military Law Enforcement: Victims can also seek assistance from military law enforcement agencies, who are trained to handle such cases with care and professionalism. 
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program: The SAPR program offers confidential reporting options. Victims can contact a SAPR Victim Advocate who provides support and helps navigate the reporting process. 


Victim Support Services 

  • Medical Care: Victims are given access to medical care, including forensic exams and treatment for injuries. 
  • Counseling: Mental health services are available to help survivors cope with trauma and provide emotional support. 
  • Legal Assistance: Legal experts can guide survivors through the legal process and help protect their rights. 
  • Chaplain Support: Chaplains offer confidential counseling and spiritual guidance to those in need. 



The military takes allegations seriously. Offenders face disciplinary actions, which may include administrative actions, courts-martial, confinement, or discharge, depending on the severity of the offense. 

What is the “Zero Tolerance” Policy for Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Military? 

The military enforces a “zero tolerance” policy toward sexual harassment and assault. This means any form of sexual misconduct is not tolerated and will be met with swift and severe consequences. 

The policy underscores the military’s commitment to creating an environment free from harassment and assault. 

How to Promote Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention in the Military 

Preventing sexual harassment and assault requires proactive measures from every member of the military community. Here’s how you can help promote prevention: 

  • Bystander Intervention Training: Learn how to recognize and intervene in potentially harmful situations. Don’t be a bystander; be an active part of the solution. 
  • Open Communication: Encourage open and respectful communication within your unit. Let service members know they can discuss their concerns without fear of reprisal. 
  • Leadership Training: Leaders are responsible for setting the tone for their units. Ensure your leadership promotes a culture of respect and accountability. 
  • Education and Awareness Programs: Attend mandatory training programs that educate service members on prevention strategies, reporting options, and the importance of consent. 


What are Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Programs? 

Sexual harassment and assault prevention programs are comprehensive initiatives designed to educate, empower, and create awareness within military communities. These programs aim to prevent sexual harassment and assault by offering training, workshops, and resources to service members and leaders.  

Key components of these programs typically include: 

Training Programs 

These programs provide essential education on what constitutes sexual harassment and assault, consent, and the reporting process. They help service members recognize and understand these issues. 

Bystander Intervention Workshops 

Bystander intervention training teaches service members how to help when they witness inappropriate behavior, thereby preventing potential harm. 

Community Engagement 

These programs encourage a sense of community responsibility, fostering a culture where service members look out for one another and contribute to a respectful environment. 

Benefits of Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Programs 

Participating in sexual harassment and assault prevention programs yields numerous benefits for service members and the military community as a whole: 

  • Increased Awareness: Programs raise awareness about the issues of sexual harassment and assault, helping service members recognize and prevent such behaviors. 
  • Empowerment: Service members become empowered to take action and support fellow comrades. 
  • Safer Environment: Prevention programs contribute to a safer and more respectful military environment, fostering trust and camaraderie among service members. 
  • Legal Compliance: Compliance with these programs ensures the military meets legal requirements and regulations. 
  • Cultural Shift: Over time, these programs can lead to a cultural shift within the military, making it less tolerant of misconduct and more respectful of all members. 


Interested in Programs About Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention for The Military? 

Our training and programs help military personnel and government employees spot harmful beliefs and behaviors, connect with their values, and assist those in need. Let’s work together to create a military environment that’s safe, respectful, and supportive. Contact Catharsis Productions to get started!